• Project Editorial
    · Create design memo
    · Comprehensive copyediting, traditionally or electronically—keymark manuscript, edit line art and maintain log, edit to improve and correct copy while maintaining author voice
    · Comprehensive proofreading, traditionally or electronically, of all phases of proof
    · Prepare index manuscripts
    · Serve as primary author/publisher/printer liaison


  • Production Services
    · Provide manuscript castoff and pricing estimates
    · Establish, monitor, and maintain production schedule; issue status reports as requested
    · Manage preflight and file preparation per printer guidelines
    · Manage archiving and repurposing of final files as necessary


  • Photo Research/Permissions
    · Assist author with photo and art selection; write or edit photo captions as needed
    · Photo research through stock sources or as determined by client
    · Manuscript review to determine necessary permissions
    · Create credits manuscripts
    · Request and process required permissions, provide logs, return images as needed


  • Design and Illustration Services
    · Prepare design specifications, as requested
    · Identify appropriate cover images, permission or render as necessary
    · Create and supply final cover files
    · Stylize and render all types of line art, logos, graphics (samples available)
    · Crop/size art, supply proofs and files as required